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Property Maintenance


Maintaining Your Property

Kandi Property understand the importance of ensuring Landlords have “The Best Care and Protection for Your Property”

We have invested in a 24/7 online repair reporting service to help to protect your property around the clock.

Our guided process gets us the information we need to increase first time fixes and save money.

In-built advise for emergencies makes sure your tenant knows how to protect your property if the worst happens.

Take a look at our system    Report Repair


Repair Report System Available 24 hours a day

We have a commitment to resolve issues quickly and reliably.

This online system helps us to receive the information that we need in order to understand the problem.

Tenants Upload photos to help our contractors to bring the right tools and equipment to fix your problem.

Repairs for non-emergencies that are reported online are likely to be dealt with more quickly than those that are reported by telephone or by email.

Emergencies must continue to be reported to us by telephone.

Report Repair


Maintaining Your Property

Kandi Lettings understands the importance to Landlords in ensuring all repairs are fixed in a reasonable time frame.

Using our online repair reporting system gives our tenants peace of mind that they can report repairs anytime 24/7

Repairs will be carried out by professional tradesman ensuring the property is maintained to best standards possible.

Our service ensures Landlords properties are kept in a habitable condition whilst protecting their investment.


Fitness for Human Habitation Legislation

All landlords (both social & private sector) must ensure that their property is fit for human habitation at the beginning of the tenancy and throughout.

Where a landlord fails to do so, the tenant has the right to take legal action in the courts for breach of contract on the grounds that the property is unfit for human habitation.

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