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Stage 1: Section 21 Notice

Residential Tenant Eviction


Section 21 Notice

This Section 21 Notice terminates the tenancy by giving the tenant at least 2 months notice that the landlord requires their property back.

However, possession cannot be obtained using the Section 21 Notice procedure during the continuance of a fixed term (the initial agreed tenancy period).

Possession is available only after its expiry, although in certain circumstances, we may be able to set the procedure in motion during the fixed term so that possession can be obtained as soon as it has ended.

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Other Residential Tenant Eviction Services


Hand Delivery Service

Do you have a particularly bad tenant, the type that will deny receiving any correspondence, notice or otherwise, through the post?

Kandi Eviction Team ordinarily will serve all notices by first class post and separately by first class recorded delivery.

However, if you doubt the motives of your tenant or the property is renowned for its poor postal delivery record, then Kandi Eviction Team can arrange to have notices privately hand delivered to your tenant’s address, thus eliminating any doubt as to service.

Whether it be notices, letters before action or court papers, we can arrange for any and all documents to be privately delivered to your tenant’s address.

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