Stage 1: Eviction Notice

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Eviction Notice

The service of a valid and legally compliant Eviction Notice is an essential legal requirement in all residential tenant evictions.

Our team will prepare all eviction notices within 24 hours of receiving your instruction.

A valid notice is usually all that is required to get your property back.

Serving a valid notice is the most important part of the eviction process.

There are two types of notice, a section 21 notice and a section 8 notice.

A section 21 notice terminates the tenancy by giving the tenant at least 2 months notice that the landlord requires the property back.

This is a landlord’s absolute right to possession* and the landlord does not have to establish a breach of the tenancy agreement before acting.

Section 21 Notice

It is however important to understand that an eviction using the section 21 notice cannot be obtained during the fixed term of the tenancy unless their is a special provision in the tenancy agreement allowing the landlord to do so.

Our specialists will advise you which notice is the most appropriate, and will without delay proceed to prepare and serve it.

Due to our expertise and knowledge, in most cases a tenant who receives a notice will comply.

If your tenant does not comply with our notice we will, at your instruction, proceed to Stage 2.

Serving a valid notice is the most important part of the eviction process, and is key to a successful eviction.

A mistake at this stage will be costly, both in terms of lost rent and time, as the process will need to be started again.

Even the smallest of errors can be enough to invalidate your notice, and this will ultimately prevent you from getting your property back.

Any errors will only become apparent to you when you have embarked upon stage 2 of the eviction process, the court proceedings, and a judge is considering your notice.

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