Landlord Regulation

Landlord Regulation Increases

In this post we highlight  the increased number of landlord regulation within the private rental sector.

More than 150 laws now affect private landlords, with the figure increasing by a third in the past decade.

 The total number of regulations affecting landlords and the private rented sector has gone up to 156. from 118 back in 2010, a 32 per cent rise.

Despite the increasing regulatory burden, there has been no improvement in local authority enforcement action to tackle criminal landlords.

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) believes renders these laws meaningless.

Increased Regulation

Figures from 2017/18 found two-thirds of councils across England had not attempted to prosecute any private landlord. Despite the growing number of landlord regulations.

In the same year, 89 per cent of local authorities confirmed they were yet to use new powers to issue civil penalties of up to £3,000 against private landlords who were breaking the law.

Over half , a total of 53 per cent, did not even have a policy in place to properly use them.

The NRLA says what is needed now is better enforcement to tackle criminal landlords. Instead of introducing more regulations which could end up forcing good landlords out of the sector for good

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