Eviction Service

Eviction Service

Eviction Service

Our Eviction Service provides a quick solution to Landlords.

Landlords put hard-earned money in to property investments and tenants who don’t pay could cause serious problems.

Problem Tenants

The service of a valid and legally compliant Eviction Notice is an essential legal requirement in all residential tenant evictions.

Our team will prepare all eviction notices within 24 hours of receiving your instruction.

Eviction Services

Stage 1: Section 21 Notice

Section 21 Notice terminates the tenancy by giving the tenant at least 2 months notice that the landlord requires their property back.

Eviction Service

Stage 1: Section 8 Notice

Section 8 Notice is essential if you wish to evict the tenant. If they have failed to pay the rent or breached another condition of the tenancy.

Non Paying Tenants

Many are still struggling with today’s economy as living costs continue to rise, and budgets become tighter, leaving bills missed or unpaid, including rent.

Though having a secure home with paid rent should be the typical priority, some tenants think otherwise.

Some are willing to cooperate through making small payment amounts as much as they can.

Either way, they must be made aware that the situation has to be resolved soon to avoid debt from getting out of control and steer clear of any court action.

Failure and refusal to make any payment at all could mean that they are just stalling and will stay in the property as long as it can be stretched, rent-free.


Trouble Tenants

In some cases, there are tenants who are the most common complaint of other tenants.

They are annoying to neighbours, do not respect and couldn’t care less if your property is damaged, and exhibit a very undesirable behaviour.

Whether it’s causing noise, even those engaging with prohibited drugs. These tenants are a nuisance to both landlord and your good renters.

They could be stubborn and would not improve their behaviour with your warning.

Whatever is going on in your property, tenant eviction service can guarantee that you will get it back as soon as possible.

Property Damage

Referencing and background checks prove helpful in selecting tenants who will be occupying your place.

Some break the trust and cause havoc to the property other than normal wear and tear. This leaves landlords with the extra expense of repairing the damages that have been done.

Otherwise, it may not be appealing to new renters and could be unsafe to live in.

Tenant eviction service will seek the damage costs from the responsible tenants. If they refuse to pay then the matter would involve court process.

This also applies when the tenant has already moved out, since our reliable tenant eviction service can still help you.

As a First Time Landlord , it was a little overwhelming renting out my first property , so I was so happy and relieved that Anna and Alan were so lovely and patient and guided me through the process. It was so much easier going through Kandi as they did everything for me , and kept me informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend them for rental properties and /or to tenants looking for a rental property.
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