No Letting Fees

No letting Fees for landlords

Landlords are being forced to pay high letting and renewal fees which can amount to significant upfront costs. Therefore renting your property to tenants can be a costly business.

Much of these costs are attributed to the high running costs of a branch on the high street. This results in landlords paying for this convenience.

New Approach to Fees

With the introduction of online property searches and the fact that most searches are on platforms such as google. Landlords are entitled to ask why letting fees are so high?

Kandi Property are letting agents with a virtual presence online with Zoopla and prime location. In addition they offer flexible services landlords would receive from high street letting agents. Most importantly, they don’t charge letting or renewal fees on their fully managed and portfolio management services. 

Keeping Costs Down

As the government keeps bringing out new legislation to protect tenants within  the PRS sector. Meanwhile landlords and tenants have to take on the burden. It is accepted rogue landlords need to be dealt with appropriately and above all tenants should feel safe in their rented homes. However landlords and tenants ultimately end up paying the price with higher rents which the government claim to avoid.

Kandi Property above all recognises these costs are a burden to landlords and there no letting fees approach helps to keep costs for landlords to a minimum.

How can landlords fight back?

Many landlords think that by using a high street letting agent they somehow receive a better service. Or likewise their property will be seen by more potential tenants. Meanwhile things have changed dramatically and over 80% of property searches are done online.

So ask yourself why are you still being charged high letting fees?  especially if the cost of  running an website is relevantly low compared to high street premises. 

Most importantly landlords need to ensure there letting agent has a strong online presence. If not they could be missing out on potential new tenants.

Fed up paying letting fees?

Watch the video to find out why landlords are fed up paying letting fees.

No Landlord fees

So you are thinking how is this possible, right? well it is and landlords can benefit from all the services offered by the high street but don’t have to pay high letting fees for the privilege.

It is that simple and demonstrates the willingness for Kandi Property to recognise the burden being placed on landlords up and down the country.

Earn More Rent

Having built their online business and proving to new and existing landlords that the no letting fee approach actually offers the same level of service as high street letting agents they are all now earning more rent.

Nearly 10 years later it can be said that Kandi Property have truly demonstrated beyond all doubt that landlords can fight back against these high upfront costs and keep rental yields as high as possible.

By offering flexible packages to new and existing landlords with no letting fees on either fully managed or portfolio management service, landlords really do earn more rent!

Tenant finder service to help landlords find the right tenants

Tenant Finder

Flexible packages that benefit first time and experienced landlords

Letting agents managing properties for landlords

Fully Managed

Competitive monthly commission rates on our managed service

Property management service for landlords with many properties

Portfolio Management

For investors with 3 or more properties within their investment portfolio

No Landlord Fees

Most importantly we are a No Fee Letting agent in Consett.

Landlords benefit from our fully managed service. As a result they earn more rental income.

No Fees Guaranteed

In addition keeping costs low ensure more rental income.

Therefore landlords enjoy the benefits of using our online presence on Zoopla and Prime location.