Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management of rental properties that letting agents offer landlords

Portfolio Management

Available to experienced landlords with 3 or more properties within their property portfolio

Above all effective management of rental property portfolios can help improve profitability.

For instance this can be achieved through portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, or increasing capital growth.

Likewise monitoring overheads, minimising rental voids and strategic refinancing can help maximise returns.

Earn More Rent

Meanwhile No upfront costs and competitive monthly commission rates allow landlords to earn more rent from their property assets.


Tenant finder service to help landlords find the right tenants

Tenant Finder

Flexible packages that benefit first time and experienced landlords

Letting agents managing properties for landlords

Fully Managed

Competitive monthly commission rates on our managed service

Property management service for landlords with many properties

Portfolio Management

For investors with 3 or more properties within their investment portfolio

Portfolio Management

Firstly it is important to book a free rental valuation to receive current market rental value.

Secondly our experience will help you understand the current demands for properties within your area.

Free Rental Valuation

In addition we can advise on any works required to bring up to rental standards.

Therefore as a result we can place your property on the market quickly and arrange viewings.

No Landlord Fees

Most importantly we are No Fee Letting agents and property management experts. 

Experienced landlords benefit from our portfolio management service. As a result they earn more rental income.

No Fees Guaranteed

In addition our flexible packages for first time & experienced landlords meet every situation.

Therefore landlords enjoy the benefits of using our online presence on Zoopla and Prime location.

As a First Time Landlord , it was a little overwhelming renting out my first property , so I was so happy and relieved that Anna and Alan were so lovely and patient and guided me through the process. It was so much easier going through Kandi as they did everything for me , and kept me informed through the whole process. I would definitely recommend them for rental properties and /or to tenants looking for a rental property.
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Joanne Proctor